Members of the Paterson group

Nelson Lam's viva party

Nelson Lam's viva party, October 2019

Group Members, Summer 2019

Members of the Paterson Group, August 2019

Group Members, Spring 2017

Members of the Paterson Group, May 2017

Group Members, Spring 2009

Members of the Paterson Group at the 2015 Bristol Synthesis Meeting

Older group photos: Spring 2015, Spring 2014, Spring 2009, Autumn 2007, Spring 2005.

Name Email Project

PhD Students

Name Email Project
Matthew Anketell Email Actinoallolide 2016-
Tegan Stockdale Email Hemicalide 2017-

Part III and Erasmus Students

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65th Birthday Group Dinner

65th Birthday Group Dinner

65th Birthday Group Dinner

65th Birthday Group Dinner

Annual Dinner 2018 at Clare College

Group Dinner 2018 Paterson

Annual Dinner 2015 at Clare College

Group Dinner 2015 Paterson

Paterson Group - Current and Former Members

Group Dinner 2015 Everyone

Paterson and Goodman Groups

60th Birthday Symposium

Photos from The Paterson 60-80 Symposium to celebrate both Ian's 60th Birthday and 80th PhD student:

60-80 Dinner

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Former Group Members

Click here for a photo of past and present group members from the 50-50 dinner in Summer 2004.

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Name Email Now at
Dr Jose Luis Acena Email Pharmamar, Spain
Dr Josep Aiguade Email Almirall
Dr Rikki Alexander Email Celltech
Charlotte Allerton Email Pfizer, UK
Dr Shelley Amendola (nee Bower) Email Sanofi-Aventis Regulatory Affairs
Dr Ed Anderson Email University of Oxford
Dr Nika Anzicek Email Lek Pharmaceuticals, Slovenia
Dr Euan Arnott Email Astra-Zeneca, UK
Dr Prabhat Arya Email National Research Council, Canada
Dr Kate Ashton Email California Institute of Technology
Dr Stephen Atkinson Email GlaxoSmithKline
Dr Jordi Bach Email Almirall
Dr Hermann Bergmann Email BASF
Dr Davis Berrisford Email UMIST
Dr Simon Blakey Email Emory University
Dr Ian Boddy Email
Dr Rob Britton Email SFU, Vancouver
Dr Rebecca Brown Email Merck
Dr Ivan Burnside Email
Dr Paul Burton Email Syngenta
Dr Anne Butlin Email
Daniel de Carcenac Email Warren Group, Cambridge
Dr Giuseppe Cecere Email
Dr Julia Channon Email
Dr David Chen Email A*STAR, ICES, Singapore
Dr Gaelle Chouraqui Email Universite Paul Cezanne d'Aix-Marseille
Dr Mike Crabtree
Dr Lynne Collett Email University of Pretoria
Dr Chris Cordier Email MIT
Dr Mark Coster Email Australian National University
Dr Cameron Cowden Email Merck, UK
Dr Peter Craw
Dr John Cumming Email AstraZeneca
Dr Stephen Dalby Email Scripps
Dr Robert Davies Email AstraZeneca
Dr Oscar Delgado Gonzalez Email Janssen-Cilag, Spain
Dr Darren Derksen Email St. Francis Xavier University, Canada
Dr Chris De Savi Email AstraZeneca
Dr Emilia Di Francesco Email Merck
Dr Monica Donghi Email Sanofi-Aventis, Germany
Dr Vicky Doughty Email Merck, UK
Dr Klaus Fessner Email Pharma-Zentrale
Dr Alison Findlay Email ANU, Canberra
Dr Sarah Fink Email
Dr Ray Finlay Email AstraZeneca, UK
Dr Gordon Florence Email University of St Andrews, UK
Dr Alison Franklin Email Exeter University, UK
Marta Galobardes Email University of Barcelona, Spain
Dr Mark Gardner Email Pfizer, UK
Dr Nicola Gardner Email Shell
Dr Julien Genovino Email Novartis
Dr Kai Gerlach Email Boehringer-Ingelheim, Germany
Dr Lisa Gibson Email
Dr Karl Gibson Email Pfizer, UK
Dr Jonathan Goodman Email University of Cambridge, UK
Dr Jake Goodwin-Tindall Email Britton Group, SFU, Canada
Dr Dirk Gottschling Email Bayer Healthcare
Dr Anders Hakansson Email University of Oxford, UK
Dr Patrick Haley
Dr Bing Yuan Han Email Sygnature Discovery, Nottingham
Dr Greg Haslett Email UBC
Dr Annekatrin Heimann Email Universitaet Konstanz
Dr Andrew Hodgson Email
Dr Frank Hoefer Email BASF AG Ludwigshafen, Germany
Dr Mike Housden Email Gaunt Group, University of Cambridge
Dr Alison Hulme Email University of Edinburgh, UK
Dr Jame Hutchinson Email RSC, Cambridge
Dr Mark Jacobs
Dr Jennifer Kan
Dr Hassan Khan
Dr Linda Keown Email Merck, UK
Dr Jim Kinnaird Email Pfizer, UK
Dr Henner Knust Email Roche, Basel
Dr Doris Kremzow Email BASF, Germany
Dr Toralf Kuhn Email BASF, Germany
Dr David Laffan Email AstraZeneca
Dr Nelson Lam Email Scripps
Dr Lydia Lee Email
Dr Volker Leue
Dr Volker Leue
Dr Mungyuen Li
Dr Jong-Ho Lim
Dr Martin Lochner Email University of Bern, Switzerland
Dr Olivier Loiseleur Email Syngenta, Basel
Dr Henry-Georges Lombart Email Wyeth, Boston
Dr Adrian Longstaff Email Syngenta, UK
Dr Katrin Lorenz Email Sanofi-Aventis
Dr Chris Luckhurst Email AstraZeneca
Dr Isabelle Lyothier Email Idorsia Pharmaceuticals, Switzerland
Dr Callum MacGregor Email Evotec (UK)
Dr Angela Mackay Email Merck, Rome
Dr Phil Maltas Email
Dr Jocelyn Man Email Merck
Dr Rudy Marquez Email University of Dundee, UK
Dr Manuel Martin-Carmona Email University of Barcelona
Dr Ian Mason Email
Dr Malcolm McLeod Email University of Sydney
Dr Cynthia McClure Email Montana State University
Dr Dirk Menche Email GBF, Hannover
Dr Arndt Meyer Email Novartis, Basel
Dr Natalie Miller Email Pfizer, UK
Dr Christian Moessner Email Solvias, Basel
Dr Fritz Muehlthau Email Bayer Crop Science
Dr Teiichi Murakami
Dr Guy Naylor Email
Dr Kenneth Ng Email University of Hong Kong
Dr Roger Norcross Email Roche
Dr Thorsten Norwak Email AstraZeneca
Dr Christian Noti Email Lonza, Visp
Dr Renata Oballa Email Merck, Canada
Dr Matthew O'Brien Email University of Cambridge, UK
Dr Jesus M. Ontoria Email Merck, Italy
Dr Simon Osborne Email Pfizer
Dr Tanya Paquet Email
Dr Mariella Passarelli Email University of Maine, USA
Dr Shailesh Patel Email
Dr Michael Perkins Email Flinders University, Australia
Dr Talia Pettigrew Email Chartwell Consulting, Berlin
Dr Andrew Philips Email Sygnature Discovery, Nottingham
Dr Karine Poullennec Email Vernalis, UK
Dr Volker Rahn Email
Dr David Rawson Email Pfizer, UK
Dr Mina Razzak Email University of Texas, Dallas
Dr Pedro Romea Email Universitat de Barcelona
Dr Philipp Rubenbauer Email Bayer
Dr Glen Ryan Email
Dr Achim Schlapback Email
Dr Russel Schumann
Dr Christian Sch√ľnke
Dr Jeremy Scott Email Merck (Dev. Lab.)
Dr Natascha Sereinig Email DSM
Dr Iain Simpson Email AstraZeneca
Dr Jeff Smaill Email University of Aukland, NZ
Dr Julian Smith Email Pfizer, UK
Dr Jonathan Stafford Email Carpmaels & Ransford
Dr Ian Stansfield Email Merck
Dr Alan Steven Email University of California, Irvine
Dr Davina Stevenson
Dr Yuichi Tateno Email GlaxoSmithKline, UK
Dr Taoues Temal Email
Dr Richard Tillyer Email Merck
Dr Thomas Trieselmann Email Boehringer Ingelheim
Dr Malisa Troutman
Dr Matthew Tudge Email Merck, USA
Dr Sylvia Valazquez
Dr Rainer Vogel Email Rockwell Automation LifeSciences
Dr Debra Wallace Email Merck, UK
Dr Paul Wallace Email Xennia Technology
Dr Richard Ward Email GlaxoSmithKline
Dr Christine Watson Email Pfizer, UK
Dr Nicholas White Email Tessenderlo
Dr Liz Williams Email CSIRO, Australia
Dr Simon Williams Email Syngenta
Dr David Wong Email University of Sydney, Australia
Dr Mike Woodrow Email GlaxoSmithKline, UK
Dr Stephen Wren Email University of Oxford
Dr Mengyang Xuan Email UBC
Dr Kap-Sun Yeung Email Bristol-Myers Squibb
Dr Adam Yip Email Cancer Research UK, London