4. New Reagents for Asymmetric Aldol Reactions.

The development of general and experimentally straightforward procedures for the asymmetric synthesis of β-hydroxyketones by aldol reactions of ketones with aldehydes is of continuing interest. These aldol products are immensely valuable in the total synthesis of complex polyoxygenated compounds. We have introduced a range of chiral ketones, which undergo highly diastereoselective syn and anti aldol reactions with aldehydes using kinetically generated boron enolates. In certain cases, 1,4-, 1,5- and even 1,6-stereoinduction is possible, enabling the control of remote stereocentres in acyclic systems. Moreover, asymmetric ethyl and methyl ketone aldol additions can be performed using chiral boron reagents (Ipc2BX, X = Cl or OTf) prepared from (+)- or (-)-α-pinene. These reagents control the relative and absolute stereochemistry of C—C bond formation between achiral and chiral ketones and aldehydes, thus providing a powerful new synthetic method.

stereoinduction in aldol reactions

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Current Projects

  1. Synthesis of Bioactive Marine Metabolides.
  2. New Methods for the Synthesis of Polyketide Natural Products.
  3. Expanding Polyketide Diversity.
  4. New Reagents for Asymmetric Aldol Reactions.
  5. Biomimetic Total Synthesis of Polyether Ionophores.
  6. Designed Synthesis of Lophotoxin Analogues.
  7. Designed Synthesis of Novel Macrolide Antibiotics Related to Erythromycin.
  8. Transition State Modelling of Reactions (with Dr J. M. Goodman and Prof C. Gennari)